Main tutorial Like and Unlike concept in Codeigniter by Onclick Ajax call function / More tutorials

Create ZIP format and download whole folder or file using php

Here we are going to create or make zip file using php, by using php we can make .zip format, here we are going make whole folder or particular file as in zip format. let me show the php code.


Google material design style input types using CSS

Everyone knows about Google material design, it is now widely using in modern web applications, here i'm going to explain that in css design only input type like input type text, textarea, checkbox, radio button like that. material design is highly using in angular js and mobile application. Google material designs introduction details. but in this tutorial we are going to see how to make that in css. Lets see that code.


When we click on mobile number on webpage, Call through skype or show in mobile dialer screen to call

Usually in webpage we are displaying mobile number for contact us, When we are giving that number we are just simply giving only number, here i have solution for that, When we are clicking on that number it will show mobile dialer screen to dial directly in mobile or if you want to call in skype, you can call through skype. that has code in html.


Complete basic insert, view, edit, delete and update in Codeigniter

Codeigniter is one of the popular framework in php, here we are going to learn about complete basic functionality of codeignter like insert, view, edit, delete and update. This will help all the codeignter workers. with this functionality they manage codeignter and easy learn the functionality. Let see the steps and codes one by one.


Show menu bar in scroll up, hide in scroll down using Javascript with Bootstrap

Now a days most of the sites are using this kind of nav bar, like when we are scrolling down hiding the menu nav bar, When we are scrolling up showing the menu nav bar, actually it is really nice one. here we are going to create like that kind of functionality only using jquery javascript and with Bootstrap menu. Let see the code.


Save the particular div in PDF format onclick using Jquery

Here i'm going to explain you one the most interesting and useful tutorial, that is Save or download the particular div as in the PDF format onclick using jsPDF jquery file. This is very simple one. i already showed you one tutorial to save and print the whole web page. here for the particular div. let see the code.